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The Sabotage Montage - Limited Double Cassette Box

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$44.00 CAD
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$44.00 CAD
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$44.00 CAD

The Sabotage Montage on tape, containing all four Quadrants:

• Vernus
• Estivus
• Autumnus
• Hibernus

Packaging, pad print artwork and slipcase designed by Rswll. This special release is limited to only 96 copies and will not be reproduced. Each copy is numbered in black Sharpie by Rswll's hand. 



- Wrapped in a Double Cassette Slipcase (w/ Thumbholes)
- Clear Cassette with Metallic Red Liner
- Super Ferro Normal-Bias Tape
- Unique Pad Prints on Each Side of the Cassettes
- Professionally Real-Time Duplicated