I have a lot of ambivalence towards capitalism for its own sake. Senseless growth, witless profits. I think there's room for an intentional sort of capitalism, one that's more generous than artist-as-vending machine.

Instead of selling disposable knickknacks and gimcracks, I want to give you, the listener--not "consumer"--something I think is valuable. Something into which I've spilled my fair share of blood and brain, something I'd actually use in my daily life.

HOWL'D is just a concept for now, but it's a seminal idea, a foundational philosophy to me. If I'm going to be doing this artist-business thing in earnest, I'm going to do it my way:

I'll try my best to innovate, to do the research, to ensure whatever I produce here is quality, is built to last, is kind to our planet. Ultimately, everything does a little damage and I won't pretend otherwise. The goal is to make the suffering a little more worth it, to equalise the exchange.